Available Upgrades
Available Upgrades
Available Upgrades

VK-3iX to VK-3iX SE                          

VK-3iX SUPER PAK                          

SIX-PAK (VK-3iX, 30, 40)                              

VK-32 to VK-33                                  

VK-32 to VK-32SE                             

VK-33 to VK-33SE                             

REX Preamp to REX II Preamp                                   

VK-53SE to REX II                             

VK-52SE to REX II                             

VK-52SE to VK-53SE                        

VK-P5 SIX-PAK Plus                         

VK-P10 to VK-P10SE                        

VK-P10SE SUPER PAK                                

VK-P10 Automatic Balance DC Balance               

VK-P10 Input Transformer Upgrade                          

VK-55 to VK-55SE                             

Stereo to Mono Power Amp Conversion (all amps except for VK-220)