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State-of-the-Art Analog and Digital Domains for Natural Music Reproduction

REX DAC demonstrates how lifelike and involving digital playback can be when done to the nines. This reference-setting instrument’s audiophile credentials arise from state-of-the-art engineering in both the digital and analog domains. The digital design, from Andreas Koch, runs at an extraordinarily high clock rate to allow for the gentlest and least-intrusive filter at its output. The analog design, from Victor Khomenko, is a high-current vacuum-tube output stage that alone would exceed the performance of most reference tube preamplifiers. The marriage of these designs conveys the most natural, analog-like rendition of digital recordings.

Capable of world-class performance, Balanced Audio Technology’s six-tube REX rewrites what’s possible in DAC design and sound. Combining an Andreas Koch-devised digital end that runs at an extraordinarily high clock rate and a Victor Khomenko-engineered analog side with a high-current vacuum-tube output stage, the zero-global-feedback REX brings previously unheard levels of warmth, naturalism, and emotionalism to the digital field. BAT’s trademarked Unistage technology, tube current sources, C-multipliers, and amorphous-core transformers complement massive power supplies boosted with two toroidal transformers, a transformer-coupled output stage, and a filter with gentle, unobtrusive roll-off. Whether your flavor runs toward 384kHz PCM or all the way to 11.2MHz DSD, REX DAC will make your music roar with life.

Zero Negative Feedback for Supreme Purity, Six 6C19 Vacuum Tubes

REX DAC’s analog output stage follows the Balanced Audio Technology purist approach of using zero negative feedback to achieve the desired goals of wide bandwidth and circuit linearity. No buffers or followers are used anywhere in the signal path. REX DAC also features a high-current output stage with a total of six 6C19 vacuum tubes. One pair of 6C19 tubes serves as current sources for the power supply of the elegant, trademarked Unistage design. Just as in BAT’s REX II preamplifier, REX DAC employs amorphous-core transformers for output coupling. You’ll find no capacitors in the signal path.

Proprietary DAC Module Runs at an Ultra-High Clock Rate, Uses Custom Filters

BAT’s goal for REX DAC was to create the most compellingly natural reproduction of the musical source. Ringing from filters that provide a perceived albeit false excitement in musical playback have no place in REX DAC’s design. Instead, the proprietary DAC module runs at an ultra-high clock rate while employing custom filters to reconstruct the analog signal in a way that specifically complements REX DAC’s unique high-current vacuum-tube output stage.

Inputs AES, 2 Coaxial, 2 Toslink, and USB Outputs 2 XLR
Resolution 24-bit/384kHz PCM, 4x DSD (11.2896MHz) Global Feedback no
Output Impedance 1K Power Consumption 160VA
Dimensions (WHD) Inches 19" x 5.75" x 15.5" Weight 32 Lbs
Tube Complement 6 6C19